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25 JULY 2018

We're excited to introduce the Mews Help Center, split booking functionality, and a new home for our Mews guide.


  • Created a new feature that allows you to split reservations for guests who need to move to a new space mid-stay.
  • Introduced the Mews Help Center – a one-stop shop for all your needs. Open the Help Center from the main menu to request a feature, check the system's service status, chat with support, visit the Mews Travel Club, or read through the Mews guide and release notes.
  • Relocated our Mews documentation to a new home. Check it out!
  • Created a new customer classification for airline crew members.


  • Updated the Finnish legal environment to automatically charge 10% VAT on no-show fees.
  • Improved payment processing speed to deliver receipts shortly after transactions are complete.
  • Added a new workplace privilege to employee profiles which allows administrators to restrict users from charging cards via payment gateway.
  • Improved layout of the Checkout report export, making it clearer and easier to read.
  • Updated reservation note functionality to support shared notes for group reservations.


  • Fixed the Timeline so that weekends are highlighted in gray.
  • Corrected the Occupancy report so that overbooked spaces are displayed in red.
  • Fixed the Export Queue to automatically update any time a new export arrives.