Release Notes

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  • Search timeline by space category name - The 'Select space' field at the top of the timeline now allows you to search by the name of your space categories for easy navigation.
  • After start e-mails - Enable after start e-mails to welcome your guests once they arrive and complete check-in. You can also create and customize your own mail template to include any important information that guests should know.
  • Military customer classification - Customer profiles now include an additional classification for Military personnel. Navigate to the internals tab, select this item and an icon will be displayed with customer data.
  • Optional display of voucher codes - Modify your Distributor configurations with the option to display or hide your voucher code from guests booking via Mews Distributor. By default, codes are displayed, but simply select 'Yes' or 'No' in the 'Display voucher code' field to update your preferences.


  • Deposits separated on bills - Bills have been reorganized with deposits now visible in their own separate section between items and payments.
  • Accounting category classifications - Update each accounting category with new classifications for events, facilities, sport, technology, tourism, and wellness. Once updated, you can use the 'Group by' filter to view your revenue data in both the accounting report and manager report.
  • Notification improvements - The look and feel of your notifications have been improved, providing faster delivery of your important info. Using the ellipses, you can 'mark as seen' or 'mark as pending' as needed.
  • Distributor availability display - Availability display has been improved for guests booking via Mews Distributor. Now, occupied space category images are displayed in greyscale and separated to the bottom to distinguish them from selectable categories.