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29 AUGUST 2018

This release includes new filtering options for the Customer Profiles Report and Reservation Report. We've also added tons of new features to productboard. Open the Mews Help Center and click "Request feature" to see what's in the works, and don't forget to let us know what you think we should work on next!


  • Added an option that allows you to filter data in the Reservation Report by assigned space.
  • Added a new filtering option to the Customer Profiles Report, which allows you to filter customer profiles by reservation state.


  • Updated registration cards produced by Operator to include all legally required information. To find a copy of the registration card after a guest checks in with Operator, go to their customer profile.  
  • Made it possible for guests to translate fields in Distributor that were previously untranslatable.
  • Improved the structure of Commander notifications to make them clearer and easier to read.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to override a rate on the Rate Management screen.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked some reservations from being properly confirmed by Availpro.