Release Notes

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  • TrustYou Rating Added to the Social Widget - We've recently added another customer rating platform to feed the Social Widget on the Dashboard. That means that not only you can compare your property with others based on rating on and Trip Advisor but with TrustYou as well.
  • Snapshot and Mews Finalized Exclusive Partnership - We're excited to announce that Mews Systems and SnapShot have created an exclusive and preferred partnership for all Mews customers. Through this partnership you now have access to the SnapShot Analytics platform, entirely for free. For further information, please contact us at
  • Mews is Now Complaint with Greek Fiscal Requirements Needed as of 1st Jan 2017 - For further information please contact us at


  • Extended Cancellation Policies and Rate Automatic Settlement Triggers - Two weeks ago we introduced automatic charging allowing to charge the guest stay at multiple points such as creation, start, and end date. We have enhanced this feature by adding two more options to it start date & end date. This allows hotels greater flexibility in deciding when to charge guest stay amount. Options available are:
    • Creation - Charging happens at the time of creation of the booking.
    • Start - Reservation arrival date and time. This is pre-set to the hotel's arrival time.
    • Start date - The date of the guest arrival (at midnight hotel time).
    • End - Reservation departure date. This is pre-set to the hotel's departure time.
    • End date - The date of the guest departure. (at midnight hotel time).
    Use cases: Creation, Start, End: make most sense with zero Offset and means "immediately" when the moment happens. Start Date and End Date: make most sense with "In Advance" Offset for Non-refundable rates. The same logic is applied to the cancellation policies.
  • Reservation Report Enhancement - We've now linked clicking on the guest's name with the Dashboard of the guest rather than the details of the reservation. An easier way for you to get information on your guests straight away.
  • Rate Action Log Moved to the Global Action Log - Action log about the changes to the rates was moved from the rate management to the global Action Log on the Dashboard. There is new Action Type Price Adjustments which will provide you with all the changes made to the rates in the chosen period of time.