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  • Manually charged payment options - For customers that prefer to pay by debit card, we have added some additional options to our billing screen for manual payments. Within your accounting configuration, under the field labeled 'Accepted manual credit card types', properties can select which credit card types they'd like to enable. Then, as you take manual card payments through the customer profile 'Billing' screen, only these enabled options will be available for selection.
  • Opt out for marketing e-mails - Many guests prefer not to receive any marketing e-mails after their stay. To accommodate these requests, we have added some preference indicators to registration cards and to guest profiles. Within your registration card configuration page, look for 'Display marketing e-mail opt-out' under 'Options', which will give customers the choice to subscribe to future e-mails as they fill in their personal details. Then, in each customer profile 'Internals' tab, under 'Options', you can select or deselect 'Send marketing e-mails' to indicate this guest preference and update your mailing lists accordingly. Please note that invitation to online check-in and other e-mails related directly to their booking are not included in opt out.
  • Filter by counter in financial reports - To more flexibly view your property's financial data, we have added some additional filters to some of our reports. Our 'Bills and invoices' report and also our 'Accounting report' have both been improved with the addition of 'Counter' filters. Use these filters to search for and identify a particular record or to view only the financial documents closed using an individual counter. Additionally, filter results may be even more useful for properties who use specific counters for specific purposes.
  • Final feedback for the New reservation screen - After releasing the new design for our new reservation screen, which has been available now for several months, we are eager to continue improving functionality while also gathering feedback from all users. As we still plan to discontinue the old design in the next few weeks, we would love to hear your thoughts on what could still be improved. Please send your feedback and suggestions to so we can make some final upgrades before the final transition.


  • Restructured cash payment form - Within the customer 'Billing' screen, we have restructured the cash payment form to include a more logical progression of required items. Select cashier first, followed by currency and amount, which will provide easier navigation as employees take cash payments for stay or services.
  • Updated productboard - After the release of our brand new Productboard last week, we received a lot of great feedback from our beloved Mewsers. As per these requests, we have added several new items to our boards, which are available for voting or commenting. Keep checking back to add more feature ideas, vote on your favorites, or check the status of what's currently being developed.
  • Documentation redesign - Our documentation platform has been completely revamped this week. Click on any of the help links throughout the system to see the brand new design of our guide content on Gitbook. You can also navigate to our guide using the main menu under the 'Help' section.