Release Notes

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  • Business segmentation for rates - Revenue managers who like to work with more in-depth data about business mix in their property will definitely welcome this new optionality to link business segments to individual rates.


  • Automatic exports of reports - This has been a wish by many properties and we are happy that it is now a reality. Under the Exports section in the Menu you will now be able to configure either FTP or Mail export pusher where you will receive any of the Mews reports which you will be able to setup by clicking on the OK button in the report after choosing the dates and filters. You will be able to select the period of the export pushers as well as the time of the export. More information will be available in our Knowledge base shortly.
  • Reservation report improvements 
    • Customer classification icons will now appear behind the name of the guest with the name of the classification appearing when hovering over the icon.
    • Rate group filter was introduced to be able to run the report to see the performance of the specific rate groups (e.g. to track reservations with automatic settlements, etc.).