Release Notes

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  • Initial Value of Bill Counter Can Be Set Up - This new functionality allows you to define the initial value of a new counter. This is great e.g. for hotels that had some numerical series in the old PMS and they would like to continue there where they finished also when using Mews.


  • Exchange Rates Improvements - With the last update, we’ve introduced changes to the exchange rates that will be appreciated by the properties using the option to update the exchange rates daily, monthly or yearly according to one of the financial institutions. What has changed? The setup moved from the General Settings to the Integrations where you will now find Conversion Rate Provider Integration. There, you will not only be able to set up the period and the financial institution but newly also when exactly the change would be happening via the offset. Example: You want the exchange rate to be changed every day at 10AM. In that case, you will set up the offset to 10 Hours. The same logic would apply to a case when you would like to update the exchange rate every second day of the month at 5PM. You would do so by selecting monthly update and setting up the offset to 2 days and 17 hours.