Release Notes

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  • Two-factor authentication - Your property's personal data is very important and we takes cyber security very seriously. Now, secure your Mews accounts and decrease risk by navigating to the security tab of your user profile and enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Clear customer data - In order to comply with upcoming GDPR legislation, customer data can now be deleted from Mews upon request. In that customer's profile, under the 'Profile' tab, click on 'Clear customer profile' to delete all personal data within the profile section excluding 'Last name'. The customer profile will still exist in Mews to maintain billing and reservation records, but all personal data will be cleared.
  • Default New Reservation Screen - When creating new reservations, the New Reservation Screen will be used by default as we will discontinue the old design in upcoming weeks. Users will temporarily have the option to switch back to our old design, however users should begin transitioning to the new design, as it will be exclusively available soon.


  • Renamed "Payment report" - For clarification and consolidation, we have renamed the 'Financial Transactions' report, which is now called the 'Payment report'. All report details are as they were before, but naming has been changed throughout the system and documentation.
  • Update default rate - Default rate was formerly the first rate ever created at your property. Now, you choose an update your default rate as needed. Navigate to the main rates page, click on the rate you'd like to make default, and look for the toggle button in the 'Detail' tab. The 'Rate management' button on the Dashboard will lead you directly to the 'Pricing' tab of your selected default rate.