Release Notes

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  • Automatic release of optional reservation introduced - Many hotels work with a lot of optional bookings (e.g. for travel agents, etc.). We realize that it might be time consuming cancelling them one by one. This is why there is now an option to enable automatic release (cancellation) of such bookings one day after the release date. To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings > Stay > Automatic option cancellation enabled.


  • Maximum editable history window shortened to 30 days - Originally, the editable history window feature was introduced so that hotels are able to handle no shows. However, with the implementation of Automatic no show cancellation feature there is no need for the editable history window to be longer than 30 days. The is the first step of shortening.
  • Consolidation of the origins in the New reservation screen - Analyzing the data from the properties we realized that there are some of the origins (such as fax or in-person) that are almost never used. In order to have a new, cleaner reservation process, we've merged “In person” with “Walk-in” and we’ve removed “Fax:. We also removed origins “Travel Agency” and “Company”, while introducing a new one called “Channel”, which represents those created manually from channels' extranets. Additionally, we introduced new filter in the Reservation Report, where you will see whether the reservation was created by customer, company or travel agency.