Release Notes

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  • OTA Reservation Notes - When a customer makes a reservation through an OTA, any notes attached to the booking are now automatically sent to Commander. You can view these OTA booking notes anywhere in the system where notes are typically visible, such as the Reservation Module.
  • Create and manage multiple notes - In the Reservation Module, we've added the ability to create multiple notes for a booking. Simply enter your message in the box and click OK; your note will be saved and an additional box will appear for you to enter another, should you need. For more information, see Reservation Module - Notes.
  • Automated deposits - Previously, the option to automate deposits was only available in countries where it is required to pay VAT at the time of payment. However, if your legal environment requires VAT be paid at the time of consumption, you can now take advantage of this automation as well. When you turn on "Automatic deposit settlement," the system will automatically recognize your property's legal environment and create a deposit with a tax rate of 0%, allowing you to track payments for upcoming reservations without accounting for VAT until you need to. To read more about how to enable automatic deposits, see Rate Groups.
  • Kaba saflok keys - For properties using Kaba Saflok key cutters, you can now encode Kaba keys directly in Mews. Contact our integrations team at to get started on setup.


  • Improved design of input fields - In Commander, input fields have been given a new and improved look. Thanks to this design update, you'll be able to see even more information on a page – making it possible for you to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Automatic login for productboard - We've made it even easier for you to request features and leave feedback. Now, when you access productboard through the main menu, you'll automatically be signed in using your Commander login information.
  • Choose number of keys to cut - Previously, when you selected the option to cut keys for a reservation, the system automatically created enough keys to match the number of people staying in the room. However, we've now added the ability to choose how many keys you would like to create (for example, if there are two people booked to a space, you will be presented with the option to create either one or two keys). For more information, see our guide article.
  • Select City & Dates fields in Distributor - For properties that manage multiple locations, the first step in Mews Distributor has been improved to create a better user experience. Section titles and labels have all been clarified so that users know which fields to complete and when.
  • South African Legal environment update - The South African legal environment has been updated this week for stays of 28 days or longer. The system will now automatically assign a VAT rate of 9% when a guest books a reservation for that amount of time.


  • Modification of closed bills - Due to popular demand, admins can now choose to enable optional modification of closed bills. Within your accounting configuration, select this item under 'Options' to reassign bills or edit some properties even after closing.