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8 AUGUST 2018

This release includes an update to Operator that allows it to support all legal environments. We also added profile images to Commander, making it possible to greet your guests by name.


  • Updated Operator to support registration cards for all legal environments.
  • Added profile images to Commander – when a guest uploads their photo to Navigator, it'll automatically appear in their customer profile, so you can greet your guests by name.


  • Added an option to the Operator configuration, allowing you to disable the space selection screen.
  • Updated the Greek legal environment to include a VAT of 6% for some products.
  • Added the option to use Operator without a key cutter; in this case, it will skip the key cutting screen and instruct guests to visit reception for room access.
  • Added a new filter option to the Accounting Report, so you can view all revenue for bill items created in a selected time period.
  • Added a new accounting configuration option, which will require all products and services be connected to an accounting category when selected.


  • Fixed manually charged card payments to allow refunds less than 1 unit of any currency (e.g. €0.50).