Release Notes

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  • Distinguish currencies in Mews Distributor - When your customers book using the Mews Distributor, they can see the rates in all the currencies that are supported by Mews. That’s a great help for the guests as they can see the prices in a currency they know. However, at the same time it may be confusing as not all hotels support every currency. That’s why we added also the default currency of the hotel on the 4th step (Summary) of the Distributor so that here can be no confusion.
  • Report filters moved to side of screen - Those that have been using Mews for a while may have noticed that the reports now give you so many options and filters to customize your reporting as much as possible. It almost felt there’s no more space. That’s why we’ve decided to move all the filters and options to the right side of the screen where you can easily select the data you want to see. Once you run the report, you can minimize this menu so that your screen consists only of the data you wished to see.