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  • Live Availability Alternative Options in Distributor - Never lose a booking when your hotel is unavailable! We have now introduced live alternate availability, when the requested date is unavailable. The system will propose alternate dates for your guest to choose from, helping him to stay at your hotel if his travel dates are flexible. We will only offer dates that have availability. Hopefully this will bring significantly higher conversion on busy dates.


  • Option to Add Address Field to the Registration Card - Adding the address field onto the registration card. Many of you requested the ability to be able to print the address onto the registration card, even though not mandatory by law. We have now made this available for everyone, so please use this for your property if needed. Note that the registration card functionality has moved. You will now find it under Settings > Users > Registration Card Config.
  • No More Need to Retrieve the Reports From Your Inbox - The emails are now directly available in the system! Once you have clicked on “Export”, you will get a notification in the top right menu bar when it has completed downloading. Another way to retrieve your reports is by navigating to the newly introduced "Export" field in the Menu Bar. Here you will be able to retrieve your reports.
  • Rate Configuration Setup Consolidation - Change of Discounts to Adjustments in the Rate Configuration screen. For consistency purposes we have changed the word "Discount" to "Adjustment", as the system was able to handle positive and negative adjustments. The word Discount suggested incorrectly that only negative values could be added. One important change to note is the way that the system now handles rate setup. For any discount, a minus (-) sign must be used ( for example -10%). For any add ons, the value may be inserted into the numbers field (ie 10%). This is a change from how the system was setup before! For the above mentioned features, we have created a short video to demonstrate the changes, please click here to watch.
  • Other minor changes in the system - Within the Reservations report, you may have noticed that we have grouped together reservations with an automatic settlement with a Fail / Success Header. This will make it easier for you to see which payments may have failed/succeeded Last week we introduced the "Before Release e-mail" that was used for Optional Bookings. This mail was automatically send 24 hrs prior to the reservation expiring. We have now made 2 changes to this functionality. It has been renamed to "Release Reminder” and we have introduced the option to switch this the automatic sending if desired. Navigate to Stay Services > Options > Automatic Release Reminder Enabled and deselect the box. Within the Rate creation functionality, we have enabled the possibility to switch between public and private rates without having to delete the rate and create it again We have introduced a Default Template for all email options. Now when you select a new email template (such as Confirmation or Cancellation email) a template appears that you may use to customize the look and feel of the email.