Release Notes

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  • Rebate all bill items - Bill rebates can be complicated in Mews as it has previously not been an automatic process. Now, rather than recreating each bill item, users can recreate an entire bill for rebate in just one click. Simply navigate to the bill that needs to be rebated, look for the 'Rebate' button, and click on it. After confirming the rebate, each item listed on that bill will automatically be recreated in the equal but opposite value and will be added to a new open bill in the customer's profile, which can then be amended or closed as necessary. Please note that the original bill will be unaltered; rather, this feature will create a duplicate of those bill items with a corresponding negative total to balance that original amount.
  • Choose export schedule file format - Previously, when creating export schedules, users only had the option to send files in excel format. Now, we've added an additional option to deliver export files in .csv format, to further customize operations for each property's needs. For existing export schedules, you can change any file format preferences as needed, simply navigate to the Main Menu, then click 'Exports' and 'Schedules' to view all previously created schedules.


  • Primary address indicator - In customer profiles, people often have multiple addresses to include in their contact information. Although it was previously more difficult to identify a customer's primary address, it is now clearly labeled within each customer profile, under the 'Profile' tab. The first address added to any profile will be automatically labeled with a blue 'Primary' badge. To change this address, simply click on the address and use the Google address search to complete fields with the correct address details. This primary address will then be used as default for any closed bills or invoices.