Opinion/Editorial PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken

PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken

Scott Moran our COO writes: ‘Property management software providers have all but forgotten what the final ‘S’ in SaaS actually stands for – ‘service’.’

Mews Nicolas - Mews France

People of Mews: introducing Nicolas Horvath, MD Mews France

MD of Mews France, Nicolas, stopped working for five minutes to reveal what makes him tick, and why the French PMS revolution is massively overdue…

Mews French certification of Mews

Mews est certifié par le LNE | French certification of Mews

We are pleased to announce that Mews has been officially certified for French accounting and is now fully compliant with French law…

Mews Nicolas - Mews France

Mews France Open for Business

The rumours are true: Mews is French too! Our shiny new office in Paris is proudly leading the PMS renaissance in France…