Once you start your implementation we will give you access to our full Online Mews University, here you will find dedicated courses per user to ensure you fully understand how to best use the Mews Commander.

Getting Started

Introduction and Menu Bar Overview

This video will introduce you to the Mew Commander PMS. It will talk you through the main menu settings which are needed to get a basic understanding of the functionalities available.

Using the Search Function

We built a really powerful searchbox that allows to search through reservations, groups, rooms, bills, profiles, etc. This short video will explain the ins and outs of this functionality.

Dashboard Overview

This video will introduce you to the Dashboard and introduce you to the main functionalities within the Mews Commander PMS.

General Settings

General Settings in Mews

This video details how to start generating your generic hotels settings, once you have received your login details to the Mews Commander PMS. 

Start by setting the Hotel Name, Logo, Images and some general options that apply to your hotel or hostel in Mews

Creating Departments in Mews

This video details how you can create departments, allocate employees to departments, and use this functionality in Tasks and System Notifications.

Setting Employee Rights in Mews

This video details how you can create new Employee Users, give rights to the different users and allocate them to the correct departments.

Working with Cashiers in Mews

This video details how you can create Cashiers, assign Employees to Cashiers. Secondly it explains how to post cash, run reports and do the shift closure

Setting up Stay Services and Stay Products

In this video we will show you how to setup Stay Services such as Accommodation and Stay Products such as City Tax and breakfast.

Creating Your Room/Bed Types in Mews

This video details how you can build and configure different Room/Bed and Dorm types in the Mews Commander PMS. 

Creating Products and Services

You can build all chargeable products and services with a large number of flexible options. Products are important for both the reception team to be able to post charges on guest bills, but also to allow guests to order services from their personal smartphones.

Setting up your E-mail Templates

In this video we will show you how to setup your e-mail templates. We will show you what options are available to use so you can easily setup e-mails such as a confirmation and cancellation e-mail

Setting up your Registration Card

In this video we will show you how to setup your registration card and show you which options are available to you.

Accounting Configuration

Setting your Accounting Categories Configuration

Before you start creating products and services, its important to ensure your accountant has agreed to the Accounting Category Configuration.

Setting up your Accounting Configuration

Set up your billing headers, bill closing rules, invoice expiry dates and other accounting category mappings.

Setting your Bill and Invoice numbering

In Mews its possible to customize your bill naming and numbering. If this is not set, it will start from bill number 1 automatically and count upwards.

Rate Management

Setting up your Business Segmentation

Before you start to build your rate strategy, its important to upload your different business segments, in order to start to properly segment your business from the ground up. 

Setting up Rate Groups

In Mews we group rates according to Rate Groups. These groups cluster rates together, and assign rate rules, such as cancellation policy or credit card charging policies to its bookings.

Setting up your Rate Strategy

Mews offers a fully flexible rate strategy, allowing you to create online, corporate, wholesale rates or any other type you can think of, allowing you to link rate to a base rate, or pricing it completely individually. 

Creating Promotional and other Private Rates

In Mews you can create rates which are linked to promotional codes, allowing guests on your website to redeem exclusive deals, which are only bookable with you. You can also create Corporate and Travel Agent rates, which allows you to link private rates to company accounts.

Creating Package Rules

In Mews its possible to link certain products to reservations automatically via Product Rules. These rules create a linkage between a rate and a product the moment a booking is made. Traditionally this is also referred to as "Packages".

Manage your Availability

How to manage your availability on room type level, to ensure you are always selling the correct amount of rooms on all of your online channels. 

Set up private rates for travel agents

Learn how to set up private rates for travel agencies using the Mews booking engine.


Reservations & Front Office

Creating a Reservation

This video will show you the basics on how to create a reservation in the Mews Commander PMS.


How to create a Bill 

The basics of posting billing items, posting payments and creating bills in Mews.



Managing Allotments in Mews Commander

Watch this video to gain an understanding of how to manage allotments within the Mews Commander.

Check in and Check out

This video will show you how to check in and how to check out a reservation.


Reservation Changes

This video will show you how to cancel a reservation, how to make multiple reservations at the same time and will give you an overview of all options attached to a reservation.

How to create an Invoice

The difference between Bills and Invoices in the Mews Commander, and how to create and close an Invoice.


Advanced Billing Options

How to set up accommodation routing and make changes to a reservation with a closed bill, and how are cancellation fees posted in the PMS. These are some of the more complex but really great features of Mews.

Mews Reports

Accounting Ledger

The Guest Ledger Report is an overview of all guest profiles with unpaid or unsettled balances on their accounts. This report should be checked daily by Accountants and Front Office Managers to ensure no outstanding bills are unhandled. 

Financial Transactions Report

The Financial Transactions Report gives an overview of all the payments and rebates made for a selected time period.


Activity Report

The activity report is a great tool for anyone who wishes to analyse the operations of the hotel. Its a graphical display, by day-of-week and by the hours in the days, to help analyse your operational hotspots. Have a look at this video to understand how to track check-in/out, housekeeping and booking creation.

Reservation Report

The most flexible report in the Mews Commander, giving a complete overview of all bookings in the system, with many different filtering options.

Reservations Overview

One of the most used reports in the system, giving an overview of all arrivals, departures, no shows and in house guests, and links to their bookings/profiles.



Task Management

How to create tasks for the different departments, run reports and complete tasks in the Mews Commander. Note that we also have a great native iOS app with the same interlinked functionality.

Room Status Report

This report is key to Housekeeping Management, to quickly see a list of all rooms, the room statuses, bookings and any comments related to those bookings.

Customer Profiles Report

A report that allows you to see all guests in house, or on arrival, and track how well their profiles have been completed. This is often important for the government who would like to track this kind of information.


Guest In House Report

This report enables you to quickly see a list of all guests checked-in at that moment, their assigned products (breakfast), their balance (credit check), car registration (valet parking) and the guest notes.

Rate Inclusion Overview

This report gives day by day overview of how many package products were booked. Useful for Housekeeping and the Restaurant.